Con mi Familia

Learn Spanish side by side with your kiddos, no screen time required.

Hands-On Activities 

Learning through play is at the heart of every course. All of the activities that I suggest each week will be with materials that you already likely have on hand. No need to buy lots of expensive materials- it is amazing what some cardboard and glue can create!

Nature Play

I will always encourage you to take your learning outside! There are so many wonderful projects that can be made with things you can find in your own backyard- not to mention the incredible benefits of time spent in nature. I will give you simple activities and crafts to make with natural items and help you discover even more ways to bring your Spanish outside. 

Con mi Familia Courses

"Con Mi Familia has been a huge blessing to my aspiring bilingual family. Naomi's passion for Spanish and early education is so apparent and she has a beautiful and authentic approach. The value in this course is incredible as there are so many resources from read aloud videos, to activities, flashcards, song lists and so much more. My 4 and 2 year olds have most enjoyed the engaging craft components of the course, and this has been the biggest mom win for me since I'm not typically creative! We have enjoyed hours of activities which blend play and vocabulary acquisition perfectly. I'm so impressed with this course!"


"Our family has really enjoyed this series. The songs and stories have been what my kid has been attracted to the most so far. My 2 yr old daughter will watch Naomi's story videos over and over and has asked to talk to Naomi on Zoom because she enjoys her so much. She picks up on the songs fast which is fun for us. My husband and I have known Naomi for many years and continue to be impressed with her ability to teach Spanish to a wide range of ages. We are learning at the same time as our daughter, and Naomi is very encouraging, motivating and non-intimidating as she approaches her lessons in a one on one fashion. Very stress free. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to give their children an opportunity to connect to the world around them with an expanded heart and mind!"


"Naomi is amazing and her course has been perfect for introducing Spanish to my 7month old. I love the format of the course — there are so many different ways to learn and teach Spanish to my child (books, audio, print outs), and the weekly lessons are so helpful. "


"This has been a wonderful introduction to Spanish course for our young child and as a refresher for us! The activities that go with each lesson are a fun way to incorporate Spanish into play and daily life. We especially liked watching the videos of Naomi reading the books that go with weekly lessons and watched them at night before bed. The sweetest moment was overhearing my child tell her cousin that she speaks Spanish! I have recommended this course to friends and would to anyone else wanting their children to learn Spanish at a younger age!"


"Con Mi Familia has been a great addition to our family. The last six weeks our child has expanded her vocabulary and engaged in mindful activities all while being introduced to Spanish. Con Mi Familia has given our family the opportunity to learn something new as well, I thought I’d be teaching my little one, and I’ve learned so much myself. Naomi is a gift, with prepared and organized lessons, video tutorials, sing-a-longs, and video conferencing, there is something for everyone. Thankful for Con Mi Familia and even more so for Naomi. This series has been a welcomed immersion for us and I’m already looking forward to the next series. If you are ready to open your child’s eyes to something new, innovative, and fun, reach out to Naomi today and start your journey with Con Mi Familia! "


Monthly Payment Option

Bite-sized payment plan for your Spanish learning at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each week will include:

  • Instructional videos for grown-ups (grammar tips & pronunciation guides)

  • 1-2 songs to learn and sing together 

  • Themed Playlists to listen (and dance!) to

  • 1-2 Spanish story time videos

  • Audiobook recording for families not wanting screen time

  • Book recommendations and pronunciation guide videos for Spanish story time at home

  • 6-7 Spanish hands-on, play-based activities to do together (recommended primarily for ages 1.5-6) All activities are screen free and create wonderful quality time Spanish moments. They range from arts & crafts, sensory play, movement games and so much more!

You have LIFETIME access to all of these materials. It is an amazing program to truly grow with you and your children. 

This class is really made for families who want to speak Spanish TOGETHER. It isn't just about your child learning Spanish because, really, I am teaching you how to teach them. I am giving YOU (the "grown-up") weekly lessons on pronunciation so you can use the words correctly for your children. They are sponges, they will copy what you say! If you can say it, they can say it. I am teaching you how to read to your children in Spanish so that they can be exposed to it not just at school or while with a native-speaking caregiver, but so that Spanish can become a part of your family's life. If you, as the adult, don't want to learn how to speak Spanish, then this course is not for you. If it has always been your dream to raise your child to speak another language and to create bilingual building blocks that will last them a lifetime, then I think you would love this course.

Speaking Spanish with your children does not need to be all or nothing. I am a non-native Spanish speaker and several people have asked me if I'm concerned about teaching my children Spanish in a "non-native" way. My response? Heck no! It's better than nothing! Life isn't perfect, language isn't perfect (even if it's your native speaker, you are still making grammar mistakes you don't know about...) and I actually think it's sad that so many people see it as either all or nothing. Many parents don't expose their children to another language because "they don't know it well enough" but by doing so you are holding both your children and yourself back! Even learning some words or songs here and there will help your child learn and experience the fluidity of language, something that will not only create more opportunities for cognitive development but will also serve them later in life. So, first and foremost, let go of the idea that you can't teach your child Spanish because you don't speak Spanish. You can. I can help you. It doesn't need to be perfect and something is better than nothing.

What a great question and if you weren't a language teacher it would be weird if you have talked about it a lot. I can't tell you how many times my students have asked me WHY something with Spanish grammar or vocabulary was the way it was. Why do informal commands change conjugations if it is affirmative versus negative? Why do you spell this word that way? Why why why?! They would be so focused on understanding why it was different from English that often times they couldn't learn it. They weren't used to their language changing and shifting on a whim and it would take years for them to see and accept language as fluid. Who are the only students who I never saw this in? Students who had been raised to speak another language already. Every single student who had been exposed to another language had no issue with major variations in the way a new language works, they see it and accept it as a unique system to learn. So, why would it be helpful for your children to learn that a book can also be called a libro sometimes? IT WILL CHANGE THEIR LANGUAGE LEARNING FOREVER.

Yes! I have many families who take my course and use it as their bilingual preschool/kindergarten curriculum. With the activities, songs and stories, I give you everything you need to recreate your own early childhood play-based experience right at home in Spanish!

Woo! I love that go-getter attitude! My answer is a blunt one, nope. Fluency takes years of practice and exposure and immersion. Here's the thing, that doesn't mean that you won't get there one day. This course helps you lay the foundation for a bilingual childhood full of enthusiasm and creativity. Each series that I offer will build upon previous ones to slowly get you speaking, reading, singing, and listening to more and more Spanish every day. Just as your children's language skills grow daily and monthly and yearly in English, so too will your skills with Spanish.

Book Suggestions

Want to build your bilingual library? Check out the books that I recommend for each series. Nervous about reading to your kiddos in Spanish? Don't be! I only recommend books that a beginning speaker could read and I even teach you how to read some each week!

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